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Atomic Bream Series

2017 - 18 Atomic Bream Series

Atomic Bream Series (ABS) is a Boater / Non-Boater event where the boat owner get randomly paired with angler. The event is a 2-day shared weight event with the bag limit being different for each day. The boater will be allocated randomly a different non-boater each day. This is a standalone series with 5 events for the first year and no Grand Final, a Grand Final will be introduced in the second year once the series is embedded.
The number of spots is based on the number of boaters, entry is taken for all competitors and is live online. For the ABS series there is cutoff date of 2 days before the event for entry, this is to enable the non-boaters to see if they have a spot or not. If there are less boaters then non-boaters they will be informed and a full refund on money or entry fee with be put on credit for future events.
·         5 Rounds (No regions)
·         $125 Entry Fee for Boater, $40 for Non-Boater
  • Boater Payout Top 10% get cash
    • E.G.  30 Teams
    • Top 3 win Cash, weighted to top
    • 1st $1687, 2nd $703, 3rd $422
  • Non-Boater Payout Top 20% get prizes
    • E.G.  30 Teams
    • Top 6 win product
    • 1st Samurai Rod, 2nd Atomic Rod, 3rd – 6th Other sponsored product
  • Session Times:
    • Prefish
      • Saturday till 11:30am
    • Briefing:
      • Saturday 12:00pm
    • 2 Day Event Sessions Times:
      • Saturday (Arvo session)
        • 1pm – 5pm
        • Weigh-in 4:45pm
      • Sunday (Morning session)
        • 6:30 am- 12:30pm (DST) or 7:00am – 1pm (EST)
        • Weigh-in 12:15pm (DST) or 12:45 (EST)
        • Presentation 1:30pm (depending on number of teams)
  • Additional Rules
    • AFT Rules apply plus below:
      • Prefish Ban 5 days (Monday – Friday inclusive before event)
      • No of Fish to Weight
        • 4 Fish Bag Saturday
        • 7 Fish Bag Sunday
  • Bream Series Team of the Year Information
    • Best 3 rounds count

2017 - 18 Events - Dates and Locations

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Atomic Bream Series
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