Australian Fishing Tournaments Pty Ltd. (AFT) presents

2017 North Coast Fishing Bonanza (NCFB)
--Draws under NSW Permit No LTPS TBA


Event briefing is held on the Thursday 28th September 7pm, this briefing is compulsory for each team, not all competitors need to be there but a representative from each team minimum. If you are unable to attend, then a video safety and info video must be watched before commencing competition.


Fishing based prizes are based on length and not weight so no fish is to be brought back to the venue unless releasing unharmed into the tank with organisers approval. For a full list of species go to Catch and release is encouraged but not compulsory, photos must be taken of live fish, dead fish photos will not be accepted. All fish to be entered into the competition are to be photographed on a brag mat/ruler with the event ID prominently displayed and daily token if fish is to be counted into the daily prizes. A limited amount of brag mats will be available for purchase at the sign in location. All brag mats/rulers are to be a commercially available branded matt (not homemade), only sticker from DPI will be allowed, no other sticker based rulers. Fish will be measured from nose to extreme tip of the tail, you can close the tip of the tail for maximum length.

Not more than one prize is eligible for each person entered meaning that the daily can be taken each day by same person but overall prizes only 1 person can take one prize, cant get 1st 2nd and 3rd. A competitor can win each day in the same category taking out the daily prizes to try and improve their length each day.One fish is only eligible for one point, meaning you cant use the same fish for multiple photos. In the event of a tie, prizes are split equally. I competitor can elect to weigh in their fish at any time the site is open and if unable to return to nightly event, can elect to miss out on daily prizes and just return on final day for overall prizes, if they elect to this option they must follow the safety instructions on the website and Facebook.

Cadet and Junior upgrades are treated to be fishing in the category that they are upgraded to, e.g. if a Cadet is upgraded to Adult, then the Cadet fishes and competes for the same prizes and random draws as an Adult.


The fishing boundaries are from Tweed River in the north to the Clarence River in the south including all tributaries Beaches and estuaries in between. Other areas included are the dams of Toonunbar and Clarrie Hall dams for bass. Areas out of bounds are any area not accessible to normal public, i.e. private dams or property’s. All no take zones in Marine Parks are excluded. All competitors are to acquaint themselves with rules and regulations of the Marine Parks within the fishing boundaries and will be liable/responsible for their actions within those Marine Parks. Details and marine park rules are available at


The competition will start from 8 pm on the evening of the sign on and briefing Thursday 28th September and concludes on Monday 2nd October at 2:30pm 2017. Daily prizes will be judged upon fish entered by the cut off each day. A new token will be handed out each day, Fish entered on a daily token must be entered on the day the token is valid. Competitors must attend to collect tokens at each daily weigh in or such times as AFT may publish on the website and announce at the briefing.


AFT has the right to substitute any prize with one of equal or near equal value. All prize values are based upon recommended retail inc GST. Entry to the Random and Lucky draw will be given free to each person who enters the North Coast Fishing Bonanza into their appropriate category. The Random Draws will only be available by way of a draw conducted or required by the NSW Offie of Liquor, Gaming and Racing daily at the time specified with the main random draws on Monday 2nd October at 3:30pm. All prize winners must be present to receive their prize, a time limit of 4 minutes for will be allowed for a prize to be claimed in person after the draw, if you are not there then the prize will be redrawn after the time limit. Note, you do not need to enter fish to be eligible to win the main prizes to be won by way of Random and Lucky Prize Draws. Organizers will ask for proof of identity and age before the allocation of any major prize.

Main Random Draw will be won via a barrel draw which each entry in their division will be placed inside & drawn out by an independent person, main prize is drawn first followed by the minor prizes in dollar value. Daily Lucky Prize Draws will be done in no particular prize value order with the Lucky Prize Draws being conducted via computer random generators. All prizes won in the competition generally must be collected by the day after the main draw. Note, Lucky Draw subject to approvals from NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing. Any claimant for the Junior/Cadet prizes will require the parent / guardian who signed the entry into the competition to be available to collect any major prize which will be held by AFT for the cadet/Junior present at the draw. Any registrations will be placed in the name of a party as directed by the Parent / Guardian. Registration and Insurances of any prize needing this will be the responsibility of the prize winner.

Entrants that breach the rules can be issued with a warning up to disqualification from the fishing based competition or the random/lucky draws or both depending on the severity of the breach and it up to the officials and their decision is final.


All boats must carry safety equipment as required by NSW Maritime. It is the responsibility of each competitor to acquaint themselves with these requirements. Any boat not having the required safety equipment will result in competitors fishing in that boat being ineligible for prizes for fish entered whilst the boat is non-compliant.


Teams consist of a maximum of 4 people, Adults or Cadets or Juniors entered in the event. Points is worked on 1 point per fish caught to a maximum of the daily bag limit for that species and must be a prize species not random fish and must be legal length. Bonus points can be achieved with winning Adult categories with Days best fish 10 points, 1st overall 20 points, 2nd overall 10 points, 3rd overall 5 points, for the Cadet / Junior categories bonus points can be achieved but only 50% of the bonus points are awarded. If tie, then bonus points are given to each winner.


All boat owners and skippers must be able to produce current policies and boat licenses if asked. Policies must include personal injury and third party cover for a minimum of $5M. If no insurance then boat can not be used as part of the tournament.


AFT will not accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage of any kind. It will be the responsibility of each skipper, crew and entrant whether or not to start or continue the tournament. Due to legal liability requirements each entrant will need to read the acknowledgements on the entry form at briefing time and acknowledge a liability waiver.


The organizing committee of AFT reserve the right to adjudicate as is and if necessary in the event of any dispute. The decision of the Committee is final.


All competitors must comply with NSW boating legislation with particular reference to safety equipment, registration and licensing, safe operation and speed limits. Refer NSW Maritime http://www.maritime. As the competition will include open waters competitors will need to fully acquaint themselves with bar and sea conditions and make their own decisions as to whether to attempt bar crossings and proceed to sea. In the event that organizers deem weather conditions unsuitable AFT reserves the right to cancel any particular event in whole or part, this will be announced via facebook, at the nightly draw and on the website. It is up to the competitors to monitor this website to see if venues are open and closed as weather allows.


A cancellation fee of 15% will be held if an entrant cancels before the event begins, after this time no refunds will be issued. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, if part or the whole competition being cancelled a $10 management fee will be kept per entry and the rest refunded, this management fee will come off next year’s entry fee, if held. Prizes are subject to weather being able to fish for that particular species and a certain number of entrants, if prizes need to be varied it will be on the website ( prior to the event and mentioned at the compulsory briefing.