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Round 3 Results Gold Coast

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Team Atomic Hardz

On the back of an East coast low and major rainfall the weather gods shone through for the Gamakatsu Elite Series round three on the Gold Coast. Two near perfect days of weather saw Australia’s best bream anglers competing on one of the most versatile waterways in Australia.

With great weather conditions, the event was not restricted at all which allowed anglers to travel as far as Mud Island north and as far up the Nerang River south.

Aaron Sharp and Steve Eldred from team Atomic Hardz had what it takes to put together two bags of fish to take out this event, proving they are the number one team on South East Queensland waterways. In the first session the pair decided to go to the Southern Islands and work their favourite spots around Macleay, Coochie and Ormiston islands and flats. Concentrating on rocky outcrops, weedy flats and any visual structure their weapon of choice was the Atomic Hardz Crank 38 and the Hardz Bream Shad 40. The key to success was to fish with the wind, where possible, in these areas to get the longest possible casts. Slow rolling the Crank 38 and Bream Shad back to the boat through the weed, bouncing over the rocks and reef proved too much for the bays big bream. 

The Afternoon session saw them bring in a very respectable bag of 3.27kgs and at that stage the Samurai Reaction big bream weighing 840 grams.

With a chasing start on day two, Steve and Aaron were first off and made the run up the bay again to try and fill the bag of 10 fish. They decided to run all the way up the northern bay to Mud Island and work the reefs and pools on the Northern end of the island. Aaron and Steve picked up their 10 fish on their first drift which was exactly to plan. The next part of the plan was to “island hop” all the way back down the bay and hope that the pairs tried and tested spots would produce the much needed upgrades to their bag.  Their first stop on the way back produced three upgrades, two which were 32 to the fork! They spent the rest of the session working their way back stopping at Ormiston, King Island and Macleay slowly but surely upgrading their bag. With the game plan going exactly how they wanted, it was the perfect day.

Both Aaron and Steve used Samurai fishing rods and fished 3lb Unitika STFC fluorocarbon straight through on all of their outfits. One point of difference that Aaron pointed out on day two was that when using the Hardz Bream Shads on day one they were slow rolling them but on day two that had to change to a “pause and twitch” retrieve where they would suspend the lure in amongst the weed and twitch it to get  the bream to bite. For their efforts they picked up $1687 cash.

Finishing in second place was team Bush and Beach/Berkley/Pflueger. Ben Collins and Anthony Wishey know these South East Queensland waterways as good as anyone and although they had next to no fish on their prefish they were able to put together 15 out of 15 fish for 7.90 kgs.

In the first session they decided to concentrate their efforts around Sovereign Island. Using only Berkley 3B cranks in both mid and deep diving they peppered every dock, boat, rock they possibly could to put together their bag.

Ben and Anthony managed a nice bag of 2.85kgs, the second biggest for the day.

In the second session the pair’s obvious first stop was again Sovereign Island but with a different tide and some noticeable change in water colour the fish didn’t want to play the game and within half an hour they were on the move towards the southern end of Moreton Bay to one of their favourite spots, Cleveland point. This is a massive area of rocky, weedy flats and has held some great fish for them in the past.  

Within an hour of arriving they had managed to get their bag of 10 fish and begin to upgrade some of the smaller models.

With the tide now receding, they had to push further and further away from the point to keep their lures running in deep enough water and to stay amongst the fish. Like a lot of the other teams they tried surface fishing but only managed to get one fish for their bag using the 3B walkers.

With their second day bag of 10 fish weighing in at 5.05kgs, their total bag of 15/15 fish weighed in at 7.90kgs collecting $562 for their bags.

The Samurai Reaction Big Bream was a massive 1.25kgs, and was weighed in by Team Lowrance. This cracking fish was part of the second session’s biggest bag of 597kgs and saw team Lowrance rocket into 3rd place from 7th the previous day.

A huge thanks goes out to the series sponsor Gamakatsu and the naming round sponsor Samurai Rods. For a full list of sponsors and any up and coming tournaments go to and remember to “Support the sponsors that support your passion!”

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