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GES Grand Final 2015


Grand Final - Clarence River 2015


Team Samurai Rod with their last day winning bag!

The Gamakatsu Elite Series Grand Final was run across what could only be described as the perfect weekend and once again the picturesque Clarence River lived up to its reputation of being one of the best rivers for Bream tournament fishing. This is the penultimate event of all bream tournaments in Australia and is only open to the best of the best anglers.

Light winds and hot sunny days greeted the anglers for the weekend which made for great fishing with most teams weighing in their 15 from 15 possible bags of fish. With a 3 session format, the leader board juggled around with Sundays 10 fish limit being the ultimate decider.

Team Samurai Reaction rods consisting of angler’s Tristian “Ramjet” Taylor and David McKenzie showed Australia’s best bream anglers that they are number one and left the rest of the field in their wake!

Tristian and Dave fished the north wall the whole tournament and in particular a 50 meter stretch which produced 90% of their fish. Having not been able to prefish, Tristian said they could only go and do what he knew had worked before. The added bonus to this was that an excavator was working on rebuilding the north wall and was literally throwing 2000kg boulders into the water near where they were fishing. The pair said that the fish were hanging around this due to the bottom being stirred up and the rocks smashing food from the existing wall. This saw schools of bream constantly cycling through this area all day.

Both Tristian and Dave said a key to their success was the sensitivity of their fishing rods, Tristan using Megabass RC Oz rods and David using Samurai Infinite rods. Being able to feel everything their lures were doing in the deep running water was paramount to their success. This coupled with the thinness of Unitika Aorika braid gave them the ultimate advantage over the rest of the field.

Catching 15 from 15 for a total weight of 11.66 kgs, Tristian and Dave had two great days of fishing finishing the tournament nearly a full kilo ahead of the field. Team Samurai rods walked away with $6500 cash and the bragging rights of winning the first Gamakatsu Elite Series grand final.

Finishing in second place with 15 from 15 fish for a weight of 10.79 kgs was Team Atomic Hardz. Aaron Sharp and Steve Eldred are the Gamakatsu Elite Series team of the year and once again have shown just how good they are with another top three finish.

Aaron and Steve concentrated their efforts on the ever popular Browns rocks and managed to crack a pattern to extract some very good fish from an area that is known for being very tricky to fish. Their plan was to work a line of 30 foot, which was wider and deeper than any of the other competitors. Funnily enough they worked this out by accident in the second session when they drifted wider than usual and caught a lot bigger fish. The pair were smart enough to check the Lowrance sounder and take note of the difference in depth then change their drift line to stay in that depth. This worked extremely well for them using Atomic Metalz 40 in the ever popular colour Hey U and also soft plastics on Atomic Seekerz jigheads.

Aaron and Steve both attributed a big part of their success to fishing with the best gear. Using Samurai Reaction rods coupled with Unitika braid and fluorocarbon gave them a distinct advantage over the rest of the field. For all of their hard work they took home a $1500 open voucher for all of the electronics that Navico distribute including, Lowrance and Simrad.

Rounding out the top three was Team Ecogear / Yamatoyo / Taree consisting of anglers Zac O’Sullivan and Matt Argall. The pair put together a very respectable 15/15 bag of fish for 9.92 kgs.  Zac and Matt made a late charge up the leader board on the final day to take home 2 of the latest and greatest Samurai Infinite rods featuring the FUJI Torzite guide system.

In the first session the pair fished the canals off Oyster Channel using Green Marukyu crabs and managed to get three fish quickly but the bite tapered off so they mover to Browns rocks to fill their bag using Ecogear VX blades in colour 439.

Zac and Matt decided to start their second session at Browns rocks but after getting none due to the wind being against the tide and too strong to fish this open area they moved back into the canals to their day 1 spot to try and put together a bag. They managed to do this finesse fishing the pontoons using 3lb straight through and Ecogear Aqua salt and pepper prawns.

The last session saw them start at Browns rocks and by 9am they had 5 fish. The pair moved back to the pontoons to fill their bag. At this stage they knew they didn’t have big enough so the decision was made to sit at Browns rocks and try and upgrade their bag as much as they could. This proved to be a good idea and saw them upgrade 15-20 times!

A huge thanks goes out to the series sponsor Gamakatsu and all the other series sponsors, Samurai, Lowrance just to name a few. For a full list of sponsors and any up and coming tournaments go to and remember to “Support the sponsors that support your passion!”


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