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GTS Grand Final 2016


Grand Final - Ballina 2016


First Place Team Sportys Fishing and 2nd Place Team Gamakatsu / Atomic celebrating!

The Gamakatsu Team Series Grand Final has been run and won over the weekend in Ballina and was bought to you by Gamakatsu. This pinnacle in team’s tournament fishing decides who is Australia’s best fishing team and also comes with a big payday plus a full season of bragging rights.

Due to recent rain the Richmond river was holding a fair bit of colour and with the tournament day starting at the bottom of the tide, the dirty water had a few teams on the back foot straight away. One team that was not at all concerned was Sporty’s Fishing. Tony and Alex knew what had to be done and bought a total of 5.76 kgs to the scales to take out the event.

Team Sporty’s Fishing had what it takes to be Australia’s number one bream team weighing in a day 1 bag of 5 fish for 3.07kgs and a day 2 bag of 5 fish for 2.69 kgs giving them a total weight of 5.76 kgs. Finishing 350 grams ahead of the pack gave the pair a huge payday of $7500 cash and ultimately the GTS Grand Final Shield that only the best of the best have their names on.

Tony and Alex had a handful of key spots in the river that they cycled through each day to get their bags of fish. Moving between Missingham Bridge, middle reef, Porpoise wall and North wall the pair ground it out catching heaps of fish across the two days. Both Tony and Alex fished a mix OSP Do-Live Shrimps and Cranka Crabs using a method Alex calls “controlled fall”. This method of fishing these baits sees the anglers in constant contact with the bait while it is sinking on the cast which allows them to feel every single bite all the way down. The vast majority of their fish came on the “fall” with all of the bigger fish coming on the OSP Shrimps. The boys fished a mix of different gear including Samurai, Edge and Megabass rods, Unitka and Toray braid and leader.

The Mako Big bream prize was taken out by Team Carpet Court/Cranka lures. Mike “the Beard” Nelson and Grant “moose” Manusu managed to catch the 1.02 kg monster on the middle wall using a Cranka Crab. This fish rocketed the pair up the leader board but wasn’t quite enough to keep them in the overall prizes but won them a pair of Mako sunglasses each.

Finishing in Second place was last year’s Grand Final winning team Gamakatsu/Atomic. Nigel and Zac Skyring were hoping to go back to back in the Grand Finals but it wasn’t to be. Nigel and Zac managed to hold onto second place with only 40 grams between them and Team Dobyns rods/Lowrance (3rd). Taking home over $2200 worth of cash and prizes including two Samurai Infinites which are arguably the best rod money can buy!

On Saturday, Gamakatsu/Atomic took advantage of the big swell rolling down the River and fished North Wall in the hope of some big sea Bream coming inside. They pulled most of their bag from there and slowly upgraded to 34cm to 36cm tip fish throughout the day. Going into Sunday in third place Nigel and Zac found the bite a lot tougher on Sunday with the swell dropping overnight and North wall all but switching off. They tried a few of their big bream spots including jetties etc but still only small fish were found. The decision was made to head back to the North wall and eventually they ground out a bag but 29cm to 32cm fish. With about 45 minutes to go they moved to the Porpoise Wall and luckily enough Zac saw some big bream sitting on the other side of the wall. The pair made a crazy high speed dash around through Mobbs bay and got inside of the wall to where he had seen the fish. In the next half an hour they upgraded more than half their bag and cemented their 2nd spot overall.

Team Gamakatsu/Atomic fished deep and slow with long pauses using Atomic Metalz and Atomic Plazos covered with Megastrike scent for most of the weekend except for their late upgrade session on Sunday where they used Atomic Semi Hardz Minnows.  One trick Nigel and Zac used was upgrading their Atomic Metalz with the new Atomic Trick Bitz Assist hooks. This allowed them to pause them on the bottom a lot longer as the assist hooks are a lot more snag resistant than the standard trebles. The pair both said that using ultra-thin Unitika Bream Super PE braid coupled with Samurai Reaction and Infinite rods allowed them to feel absolutely everything.

Rounding out the top three was Dobyns Rods/Lowrance with a 10 out of 10 bag of fish for 5.37 kgs. Matt and Brenton took home over $1300 worth of prizes.

A huge thanks goes out to the series sponsor Gamakatsu. For a full list of sponsors and any up and coming tournaments go to and remember to “Support the sponsors that support your passion!”

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