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Taree - Round 1 Mid 2015

The Gamakatsu Team Series (GTS) Round 1 Mid sponsored by Atomic was met with fantastic weather conditions for the first event for both the GTS and new Gamakatsu Amateur Series (GAS) off at Taree for the 2015 season! 30 teams enjoyed the beautiful weather. However, the Bream were playing hard to get with a tough bite and a lot of small bags weighed in.

Congratulation goes out to Team Carpet Court/Cranka Lures our 1st place getters who walked home with $870 worth of cash and two Samurai Inflict rods valued at $260 each. Mike Nelson and Grant Manusu headed upstream and stayed there for the duration weighing in a 2.31kg bag. This was the only bag over 2kg for the day. “We fished gravel beds with Zman Grubs and Bassday Sugapens and continued uprading all day. All in all it we had a great time on the water”

2nd place getters Neil Chegwidden and Ross Lamotte, Team Quantum/Gary Howard Rods had their bag of 5 Bream in the first hour of the tournament. They fished surface lures around the entrance to Scott’s Creek. They continued this pattern for another 3 hours with only smaller fish being found. Still chasing upgrades they headed to an isolated reef and pulled a 31cm fish. This kicker fish put them into the prize money taking home $475 cash and a Mako Eyewear prize pack.

Team Gamakatsu/Samurai, Wayne Bale and Jeff Brundson successfully ‘runned and gunned’ all day. They took advantage of 12 different spots throughout the Manning River to get them into 3rd position. They started in the higher reaches of the system early in the day fishing gravel beds much like Team Carpet Court/Cranka Lures. “the lure of choice today was the Atomic Deep Crank 38 in Muddy Prawn and the new colour Tristo’s Eagle which has been working a treat as of late”.

Team We Tried with Barry Muscio and David Wicks trialled their first event and won the GAS section, it was good to see new teams coming to the events and hopefully the GAS platform will be a beginners event for all to start out in the tournaments.

A huge thanks goes out to the series sponsor Gamakatsu and the naming round Atomic. For a full list of sponsors and any up and coming tournaments go to and remember to “Support the sponsors that support your passion!”

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