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Round 4 North Results Gold Coast

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GTS Winners - Team Samurai Reaction Rods   GAS Winners - Team Size Matters


Gamakatsu Team Series Round 4 North – Gold Coast

The 4th round of the Gamakatsu Team Series, sponsored by TT lures, was held on Sunday June 14th with a total of 32 teams hitting the water eager to go find big fish, often a tough ask on the Gold Coast, but find them they did with every team weighing in their five. When it was all said and done, first place went to Samurai Reaction Rods, Tristan Taylor and Nathan Tusks with an unusual but massive 4.64kg bag. One of the biggest on record for this venue! They weren't the only ones catching good sized fish with team Lowrance, Nabeel Issa and Nick Whyte, weighing in a bag of over 4kg to come in 2nd place. Surprisingly, you needed more than a 3kg bag just to get into the top 19!

Tristan and Nathan told us that they went straight to the seaway rock walls, and were casting up as close as they could to the rocks and slowly drawing the lure out into deeper water. The lure of choice for the day was the Cranka Crabs cast on the Megabass Racing Condition Oz 6-10lb rods rigged up with the new Idaten Reels and 10lb Unitika Aorika line. This gave them a fighting chance to lead the fish away from trouble once hooked, as long as they set a heavy drag and pulled like crazy once hooked up.

Team Lowrance also found their massive bag at the Seaway, throwing a mixture of light and heavy Cranka Crabs along the rocks and washes. 10lb Edge rods and braid seemed to be the only way to get these big fish out of the stones. The team used Lowrance side-scan to locate schools of fish which was a big part of their success.

3rd place, Team Lip Rippers, Darren Russell and Adam Williams, are relatively new to the tournament scene (they had only fished in one Gamakatsu team series previously), but they definitely showed off their fishing skills, weighing in another massive bag which once upon a time would normally have won the Gold Coast comp, with a 3.89kg bag. The two fished at Paradise point all day using heavy Cranka Crabs deep in the bridge pylons, They paired this technique with Omen 13 rods, Daiwa reels and light 4lb gear and they were extremely happy to weigh in that massive bag.

Gamakatsu Amateur Series

The Gamakatsu Amateur Series was also held on the same day with 7 teams competing in this exciting new feeder competition for those that are interested in seeing how bream tournaments work without the outlay of the larger more established series’. It’s a great opportunity to test yourself and see what it is like to fish in these fun and friendly comps.

Again, almost all the teams weighed in their bags of 5 bream and the winning bag went to team Size Matters, Brendyn Clare and Brendon Chitts, weighing in a good bag of 2.65kg. It was an outstanding fishing day for all the anglers with not one team coming back to the weigh in empty handed. The Gamakatsu Team Series would like to thank everyone for making the day fun and we look forward to seeing you at our next round down at Forster on the 28/6/15.

We would also like to thank the round sponsor, TT lures for supporting the event and competitors. Remember without these sponsors we wouldn't be able to run the events that you enjoy so please support the sponsors that support your passion! 


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