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Team Of the Year

Congratulations to the TOY 1st place getters for 2015 in GTS, GES and GAS, teams that won TOY in GTS and GES win automatic entry into the 2016 Grand Final. The winners of the GAS TOY will receive prizes for the consistent results.

Gamakatsu Amateur Series
Team Size Matters for the North region
Team We Tried for the Mid region

Gamakatsu Team Series
Team Gamakatsu / Atomic for the North region
Team Carpert Court / Cranka Lures for the Mid region

Gamakatsu Elite Series
Team Atomic Hardz

TOY Rounds Needed for 2016

Gamakatsu Amateur Series - Best 4 Events
Gamakatsu Teams Series - Best 4 Events
Gamakatsu Elite Series - Best 3 Events

If your TOY Allocation is not correct, please contact us to get this looked at. All care is taken to keep this accurate, some teams have changed their name and may not be reflected due to the way TOY is automatically done. If this is the case please email us and we will rectify.

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